How to prevent heartworms in dogs naturally?

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  • Introduction
  • What is a Heartworm disease?
  • How can your dog get the disease?
  • Natural Prevention tips
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs


Prevention of heartworms is dog care 101. You must know how to prevent your dog from catching the disease without using harmful drugs. Although some vets won’t recommend replacing the drug-preventive treatment, many holistic vets advise the natural prevention of heartworms.

Learn how to prevent Heartworm in dogs naturally and take good care of your faithful friend.

What is a Heartworm Disease?

Heartworm is a disease caused in dogs by the bite of a mosquito carrying Dirofilaria immitis. It can be fatal and can leave the heart and lungs of your beloved canine friend seriously damaged even after it gets cured.

How can your dog get the disease?

Dogs, if bitten by mosquitoes, can get easily infected. Since they are natural hosts of these foot-long worms, their numbers can increase rapidly inside a dog if left untreated. It is a condition for your dog to develop cause even after the treatment, the organs get seriously affected. Therefore, prevention is the best cure.

Natural prevention tips:

Avoid mosquito exposure:

Try to keep your pets indoors or cover them overnight and early morning. Don’t take your pets walking at dusk or dawn since it is when mosquitoes are feeding.

Usage of natural mosquito repellents

Neem oil, citrus oils, and diatomaceous earth may help reduce the chances of your pet getting infected by mosquitoes.

Avoid standing water near your house!

Mosquitoes breed in standing water and can fly a mile or more, so it’s common for these creatures to stay within a few hundred feet of where they hatched. Weeding out the breeding grounds can reduce the number of mosquitoes in a pet’s home environment.

Regular blood tests

Regular veterinary visits and blood tests would enable early diagnosis that can lower the risk of infection turning into disease.

Make your dog’s immune system strong!

Make your dog healthy so that his immune system gets strong enough to fight off the worms and stop them from causing diseases like in wild dogs. Follow a healthy eating regimen for your dog. Giving it a natural diet (meat, whole-foods diet, minimized vaccinations, lots of fresh water, and daily exercise are some steps towards having a strong immune system.

Embrace Homeopathy and Herbs

Some herbs provide immense health benefits and boost your dog’s immunity and organ health. It is best to consult a herbalist and ask them to prepare a herbal treatment known best to treat and prevent Heartworms. It won’t have any side effects, unlike drugs and vaccinations. Hawthorn (which increases heart function), ginger (which supports heart disease risk factors), thyme (which supports immunity and deters mosquitoes), and garlic (which supports heart health and deters insects) are some of the herbs utilized in treatments.), Peppermint (bug repellent), Cinnamon (for heart and neurological health) Cloves (anti-parasitic) Dan shen (supports cardiovascular health) Medicinal mushrooms (boost immunity).


Heartworm disease is dangerous for your dog to catch, so try to do everything to prevent your dog from developing it.


Is Heartworm disease contagious?

No, it is not contagious. One dog cannot give this disease to another. It is only spread through a mosquito bite.

Is dog Heartworm curable?

Yes, it might be a painful process for your dog but it is treatable.


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