Can pet cats live outside?

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  • Introduction
  • Can pet cats live outside?
  • What good can come out of it BTW?
  • Let’s try giving the kitty a safe and sound trip outside.
  • Consult with your kitty’s Vet!
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs


If you are a cat parent, you may find yourself asking this question frequently: “Can pet cats live outside?” Keep reading to figure out how to make it enjoyable and safe for your adorable cat.

Every cat has a unique personality. Yours might have its own needs and desires. Get an idea of what life can be like outside for your indoor cat, then choose what you deem fit for your precious little fur ball.

Can pet cats live outside?

No matter how much your cat yearns to roam around the neighborhood chasing after mice and birds, that’s not safe for her!

Studies show that cats that live outside have a life span of 2 to 5 years, and those that stay indoors have an average life of 10 to 15 years. Scary huh? So, if your cat is not eager to go outside, it’s better to keep her indoors and provide her with a rich environment inside your home to keep her mentally stimulated.

But what if that’s not your cat’s type? And she wants to go outside that bad! Hmm… We have a plan of action to deal with such nature enthusiasts.

What good can come out of it BTW?

It is not an entirely bad thing to give some outside time to your cat. After all, cats are nocturnal animals, and living as pets, they have to adapt. Being outside will get them to connect with their roots. It will make up for whatever they miss as a stay-at-home cat (no pun intended) too. The fun and thrill of a chase, the action of climbing and scratching trees, is what a kitty thrives on. All of this keep your cat happy. Not only does it bring mood benefits but also health benefits cause staying inside can cause your cat to become lazy and can take a toll on its health and obesity.

Let’s try giving the kitty a safe and sound trip outside!

If you live in a rural area, you do not have to worry much about your cat’s safety outside. Living in a crowded city means you have to be a little careful. Here’s how you can ensure your cat’s safety while it’s outdoors.

  • Administer vaccinations and fleas & worms treatment. Since your cat is at a high risk of contracting a disease because of contact with other animals, you should keep up with all these precautions and extra care.
  • Install a microchip, a collar, and a tag to prevent the kitty from getting lost. You can also install a cat flap to your door that responds to your cat’s chip.
  • Let the cat outside at a peaceful time of the day when there’s less traffic outside to prevent her from meeting any accidents.

Consult with a Vet!

It is important to talk this through with your cat’s doc. Tell him about your cat and ask him to examine if your kitty needs to stay outside or not and what extra medical care comes with your cat’s each trip outdoors.


It is not unnatural for your kitty to wish for life outside your home. You want your kitty to be happy but live longer too. It would require you to become an extra-caring parent. Fulfill your cat’s wish to go outside and, at the same time, take care of the risks involved.


Why does my cat look outside of the window all the time?

Ah, she’s homesick (missing mother nature). Follow the tips, consult the vet, and let her outside sometimes.

Is it safe to let your pet cats live outside?

It is risky, but the risks involved can get minimized with precautions.

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