How to Recognize pet Dog Food Made with Lower Quality Meat

Table of Content

  • Introduction
  • Eyes on the ingredient list
  • Animal Digest
  • By products
  • Meat
  • Low-quality vs High-quality dog food
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs


Like every responsible parent, you must be extra conscious of the dog food you give to your dog. For that, you should be able to recognize any dog food made with low-quality meat. You’ve come to the right place. What can you do to detect such dog food? Read on to find out.

Most dog foods are meat since meat is an essential nutrient requirement for your dog. The amino acids are the nutrients necessary for the dog’s health. However, most dog foods use cheap-quality meat that does not fulfill your pet’s nutritional needs resulting in poor health.

But there are some giveaways right on the package. Learn about them and take care of your pet’s health.

Eyes on the ingredient list

Make sure to read the ingredient list of any dog food before buying.

Animal Digest

If the list shows Animal Digestas as the meat source, that’s a big no. Animal digest for flavoring purposes is nothing to worry about. If used as meat, it is of low quality. It is a chemically processed alternative to meat.

By products

Look out for the ingredient by the name of by-products. That is not actual meat and include everything other than the meat and thus is of little to no nutritional value. Dog food companies use that as a meat source for cheap products, but you don’t need to buy one with high quantities of these.


The best ingredient for your dog is meat named as such which comes in a variety of forms, and the best among these is a meat meal. Meat meal is cooked meat with concentrated protein and low moisture content. Compared to regular meat, it is of high quality. Meat from unnamed sources is also not reliable. Try to find one of which sources is known (chicken, lamb, etc.)

Low-quality vs High-quality dog food

A low-quality dog food will not have the actual meat (specifically a meat meal) and will mostly contain by-products, animal digestion, and meat from unnamed sources. High-quality would have meat in meat meal form and with the sources vividly mentioned.

Once you’ve gone through the list of high-quality ingredients, don’t forget to look for any harmful ingredients, often present in most dog foods. Low-quality dog foods will have artificial preservatives (BHA, BHT, sodium nitrate). Artificial colors and flavors do not have any nutritional value and thus are not present in high-quality products but will be present in high amounts in cheap and low-quality products.

Next up is the artificial fillers. Low-quality dog food will have lots of artificial fiber that don’t have nutritional fiber. Although, your dog needs Fiber not artificially created, but instead in the form of vegetables and whole grains. A high-quality product won’t include these products (rice bran, hulls, wheat, etc.)


Be sure to check the ingredients list and ensure the presence of high-quality ingredients in your pet’s dog food. We’ve told you how to scan the ingredient list and find the best quality food for your dog.


Can I trust the ingredient list of the dog food? 

Yeah. Try going for a product that’s not too cheap and a brand known for its quality.

Should I be changing the dog food regularly? 

If your dog is fit and healthy, then absolutely not. There isn’t a need to change it.

Should my pet food change with the age of my dog? 

Yes, it must. Pet foods do mention on the package the age group it suits. Do check that before buying.

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