Do pet cats eat birds?

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  • Introduction
  • Cat’s eating behavior
  • Is it safe to eat a bird?
  • Nutrition and the hunt
  • Play and the hunt
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs


The short and simple answer to this question is yes! They do. Cats love to eat birds. If you are a cat parent, you probably want to know the ins and outs of this eating behavior of your lovely kitty. Your feline companion has it in its instinct to hunt a bird every now and then.

Cat’s eating behavior (with regards to birds)

Cats are carnivores i.e. meat eaters. They need meat in their diet regularly to fulfill their nutritional requirements. In the wild, their best catches are mice, insects, and birds. Not only do they hunt the birds for eating but for fun too. You heard me! Your sweet little domesticated kitty thrives on a hunting experience (the thrill and excitement of a chase leads to playing with the prey and then finally eating it). Too cruel? Nah it’s natural and good for the ecosystem too.

It is but natural for cats to indulge themselves in such a sport. This is them being true to their natures! No matter how enriching a diet you are providing them with, you will find these furry companions of yours having the time of their lives feasting on a bird. Since they are obligate carnivores there is nothing wrong with a cat eating a bird. Your cat also knows what parts of a bird to eat and what to leave out. The digestive system of the cats can only process the meat part so you won’t see them eating the beak or the feathers of the birds.

Is it safe to eat a bird? (for your cat,obv)

Most of the time, it would not harm your kitty since their digestive systems are designed to deal with this. However, if the bird carries some diseases, then it could cause problems for your cat. If a cat shows signs of illnesses like vomiting, fever, or weight loss, immediately take that fat ball to a vet for an examination. 

 Nutrition and the hunt

Your feline friend thrives on animal protein. If you have seen a rise in its hunting sprees, it could be a lack of proper diet. If the animal protein is lacking in the diet, it would enable its hunting.

What you need to do is to increase the quantity of protein in the diet. Low-protein food could be the culprit of increased hunting activity.

The best way to tackle this issue is to get wet foods for your cat to eat. It would be enough to compensate for the most nutrients.

However, they still need taurine which is derived from their natural prey. So, there’s nothing wrong with letting the kitty hunt.

Play and the hunt

It is often observed that cats hunt and kill a bird or any other prey like a mouse for the sake of playing and toying with it. It provides them with the mental stimulation that keeps them feeling active and elated.

To reduce this, you can spend time playing with your furry companions. Buy her enough feathery toys and give her ample time to engage in these activities to get her mind off of going after the actual prey.


Cats are natural predators.  It’s simply who they are. Species, that like to hunt and eat birds.


Should I be worried about my cat eating birds? 

Well, that depends on the circumstances. If your kitty is doing fine after the meal, you shouldn’t. If it is not, feed it more meat and play with it more to reduce its hunting instincts.

Can cats get sick after eating a bird? 

It should be fine. However, there is a possibility that it might get sick if your kitty’s digestive system is weak or the prey is diseased.

Does my cat eat birds because of any lack in the diet? 

It could contribute but no. Cats are natural predators that enjoy hunting, playing, and killing their prey. That’s more likely why your cat is eating birds.

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