If you are a parent of a bird, you probably want to become a good one. Nurturing a pet bird comes with a lot of commitment and dedication, so here we are with some dos & don’ts for your pet bird to be a happy & healthy companion for a long time.


1. Provide a spacious cage

2. Clean & cozy habitat

3. Provide a healthy diet

4. Spend time with it 

5. Baby talk it

6. Keep it happy

7. Be gentle with it 

8. Tame it often 

9. Let it Rest

10. Regular health checkups 



Birds make great pets. Although they need extra care and love, provide their owners with a fulfilling experience. Who wouldn’t want a little feathered ball to love them and allow them to cuddle and pet it? This page brings you the major elements needed for a companion bird’s happiness & health. If you love your pet bird & want to improve its quality of life, read these top 10 tips & tricks to ensure its happiness and health.

1- Provide a spacious cage
This one is pretty obvious. Always remember to give your bird the largest cage you can so that your bird can freely move around & feel good. Birds are known to be free Spirits -they are naturally free & occupy a limitless space. So this is one of the most important things you should do to keep them happy & healthy.

2- Clean & cozy habitat
Giving your pet bird a clean & cozy habitat is crucial to improve their quality of life. Birds are messy creatures meaning you have to clean their environment repeatedly. You can make a natural-looking habitat for your pet bird by keeping their cages outside, using natural perches & providing them safe & fun toys, but remember to change them often so that your bird is always excited about something new.

3- Providing a healthy diet
A healthy diet for your pet bird can improve behavior, prevent illness, promote fast healing & increase lifespan. It includes fruits, vegetables & high-quality pellets with fresh & clean adequate amounts of water, especially in summer
4- Spend time with it 
If you want your bird to love you & get used to you, you have to keep their cage in the room you spend most of your time in & also allow your birds some time out of their cage so they can hang out with you.

5- Baby talk it
Another way to earn your bird’s affection & to keep them happy & healthy is to talk to them like you would talk to a baby. Whenever you are addressing your pet, try making high-pitched voices that would grab its attention. And if you repeat those words every day, you might even teach them how to talk.

6- Keep it happy
If you want your bird to love you, you must do your absolute best to prevent it from getting bored or depressed. A bored bird will have a hard time bonding with you. It’s good to have enough toys & different kinds of foods that will make it busy & stimulated.

7- Be gentle with it 
Birds are intelligent beings, but they won’t understand you if you are impatient with them. If you force your birds to do things they don’t want to, they will hate you for that. So be patient & gentle with them while taming & handling them.

8- Tame it often 
Taming your bird is a necessary part of making them happy & healthy. You both will spend a lot of time together while taming & your bird will also get treats after following commands. It’s a great way to bond & make your bird trust you.

9- Let it Rest
These flying creatures are bound to be free so they always want to have some time for themselves too. Giving your bird a break from taming & playing & even just hanging out with you is also essential. You don’t need to overdo the bonding part instead, you must allow them to enjoy their own company

10- Regular health checkups 

To ensure your bird’s health, keep visiting your vet for regular health assistance and checkups. For this, you can observe the body language of your pet bird and take notes for your doc to see them.

As loving bird owners, we all want our birds to be happy & healthy and need to put in some extra effort in their upbringing. Therefore if you love your pet bird & want to upgrade its quality of life, you must follow the top 10 tips & tricks. Providing them with all the necessities,  extra care, and affection will help you to get your bird to love you and give you a great friend.

What kind of cage is best for my pet bird?
Your bird’s cage should be spacious, made of safe and durable materials, and at least twice the size of its wingspan. Look for cages that have enough room for perches, toys, and food bowls.

What should I feed my pet bird? 
A healthy diet for your pet bird should include a variety of fruits, vegetables, and high-quality pellets. Avoid feeding them fatty or sugary foods, and make sure they have access to fresh, clean water at all times.

How can I keep my bird entertained?
Birds need mental stimulation to prevent boredom and stress. Provide them with toys, puzzles, and interactive games to keep their minds active and engaged. You can likewise pivot their toys to keep things fascinating.

Can my bird go outside?
It’s important to supervise your bird if you let them outside, as they can be vulnerable to predators and environmental hazards. Make sure your bird is trained to come back to you, and never leave them outside unattended.

How frequently would it be a good idea for me to take my bird to the vet? 
It’s recommended to take your bird to a veterinarian at least once a year for a checkup. If you notice any signs of illness or behavioral changes, take them to the vet as soon as possible.


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