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1- Find the right one

2- Take care of the diet

3- Socialize your dog

4- Provide him ample time to play

5- Give your dog its daily exercise

6- Visit the vet regularly

7- Groom your buddy

8- Train your dog

9- Be patient with your dog

10-Give him time




 Humans and dogs do come a long way. Dogs share a bond with us that no other specie does. A bond of mutual love, connection, loyalty, and friendship. To cherish this relationship with our four-legged friends, we must take special care of them and try to give them a happy and healthy life. If you have one such friend or are considering bringing one home, read to find ten ways/tips on raising a happy and healthy dog.

#1 Finding the right one!

Since there are many different breeds of dogs with individual traits. Do your research and try to get one that matches your lifestyle. Some dog breeds are more dependent on their owners than others. It would mean you’ll need to spend more time taking care. This compatibility between you and your dog will ensure your pup’s happiness while staying with you.

#2 Give it a well-balanced diet!

It’s a given, but be extra cautious about your dog’s diet. You can give your dog commercial dog food, as it includes all the essential nutrients. Cooked meat, fish, and rice can also be added to your diet. Revise the diet plan according to the stage of his life (puppy, adult, sick, etc.). It is also recommended to consult your vet and devise a proper meal plan for your loved friend. Don’t forget to fill its water bowl with clean and fresh water. The standard daily water intake is 1 ounce per pound of body weight.

#3 Socialize your dog!

It might seem unimportant but trust us, it isn’t. In fact, it is fundamental to your dog’s health and happiness. It would prepare it to behave well around other people and dogs. You can socialize the dog by taking it to the dog park, where it can play with other dogs. You can start by simply going for a walk and arranging play dates with a friend’s dog. It would save you and your dog from the trouble of social awkwardness and definitely help with your dog’s happiness.

#4 Provide your dog ample time to play!

This does well for your dog on so many levels. It keeps your little friend’s heart health and overall health improved. It also keeps him happy and gives his aggression and energy a safe channel. You should make the dog a play area for him, provide him with dog toys, and play with him yourself. This could be a great time for bonding between you too.

#5 Give your dog its daily exercise!

Yep. Just like you, your dog needs exercise to stay fit. Who doesn’t know the benefits of exercise? It would keep them physically and mentally healthy. Start small. Take your dog for a run/jog. You can also train it to use a treadmill. Your dog’s fitness level, don’t strain him too much, and slowly build his exercise habit.

#6 Visit the vet regularly!

To ensure your dog’s health, keep visiting the vet regularly. It would nip any emergency health problems in the bud. Pets aren’t good at showing early signs of illnesses, so routine check-ups are a must to ensure your pet’s health.

#7 Groom your buddy!

Grooming the dog comes with its own set of benefits for the health of your little friend. It prevents fleas and ticks and can even help to detect hidden signs of health conditions. Give your dog a good brushing and a bath to keep him clean and healthy. It would keep him feeling happy too.

#8 Train your dog!

Interestingly training a dog can lead to the dog’s increased happiness and better health. A trained dog is much less likely to run into any danger, and it will also lead to your dog eating healthy without a fuss. You must start training your dog as soon as you get one. Combine training with rewards (anything that your dog likes).

#9 Be patient with your dog!

Dogs are naturally aggressive and are similar to wolves, so you might come home to a chewed shoe. Be patient with your dog, and never yell at him. Enjoy these moments and politely show him your displeasure.

#10 Give him time!

Spend time with your dog. Taking him outside for a walk, to a park, or even a ride in the car would do. Dogs love walks and riding in cars with their owners. So, next time you are going for a long drive, don’t forget to take him with you.


Your furry little friends are precious beings who are one of the most loyal companions you can find. Dog owners have better health -low blood pressure levels and good heart health just since they have a lovely dog as a pet. He also keeps your loneliness and depression at bay. “Man’s best friend”-a beautiful description of our canine friends, be sure to follow the guideline and take lots of care of your best friend.


How frequently would it be a good idea for me to take my dog to the vet?

You should take your dog to the vet for regular check-ups and vaccinations at least once a year.

How would it be advisable for me to respond assuming my dog gives indications of aggression?

Consult a professional dog trainer or behaviorist to help address the aggression.

How much exercise does my dog need?

It depends on their breed, size, and energy level. Consult your vet for advice on how much exercise your dog needs.

Can I feed my dog human food?

It’s best to avoid feeding your dog human food as it can be harmful to their health. Stick to a balanced diet specially formed for dogs.

How important is socialization for my dog?

Socialization is fundamental for your dog’s emotional well-being and prosperity. Proper socialization can prevent behavioral problems such as anxiety and aggression.


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